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Highland Park Prosthetics

Seeking Prosthetics in Highland Park, IL?

Stellar Orthotics and Prosthetics Group, with two Chicagoland offices, offers local Highland Park, IL residents access to licensed, professional Prosthetists.

Welcome to Stellar Orthotics and Prosthetics.  We want to know how our services can help improve your ability to live a healthy and happy life.  As board-certified prosthetists, we treat a wide variety of patients everyday, and are here to help those in the community dealing with physical disabilities impacting their mobility.  It is our aim to provide the residents of Highland Park, IL local access to licensed, professional prosthetists, and the very best in prosthetic care.

Getting to know you as a person first, while helping educate you on the treatment options available, is an important first step in ensuring you get the best care possible.  With years of training and practice in the field of prosthetics, and access to the latest prosthetic technologies, we can ensure you receive the very best treatments and solutions available.

With medically-based solutions and technologies developed to promote the improvement of functional, cosmetic, and comfort goals of our patients, Stellar Orthotics and Prosthetics has helped many patients so that they may continue their daily lives with increased mobility, normality, and as little pain as absolutely possible.
If you are searching for a prosthetist in Highland Park, IL to assist you with your disability, we can help you.  Designing, prescribing and fitting prostheses to meet the needs of our patients, is what we do every day.  We can provide you the consultation and education you seek, and welcome the opportunity to care for you as a patient, in order to improve your health on a functional, emotional, psychological, and developmental level.  If you are needing more information, or have questions to ask, please contact us.