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Microprocessor Knee MPK/C-Leg


Imagine a carefree stroll in the shopping mall. Checking out new stores, trying on clothes, carrying your bags home in triumph. Or consider inline skating with friends and enjoying the wind in your face. People with limb differences can now more easily enjoy these activities with the Microprocessor Knee MPK. A first of its kind, the Microprocessor Knee MPK controlled by a microprocessor throughout the entire gait cycle – in real-time. The knee joint automatically adapts to every situation – whether walking downstairs, over uneven grass, or maneuvering through crowds. Microprocessor Knee MPK can help the amputee spend less energy thinking about each step, and more energy simply enjoying life. Microprocessor Knee MPK helps improve gait, reducing visible limping or other abnormal patterns.


The application of Microprocessor Knee MPK Technology ensures that the new Microprocessor Knee MPK will always recognize the appropriate phase of gait and will adjust in real time according to its user’s needs. Regardless of stride length or frequency of gait, the knee angle sensor always supplies the necessary information for dynamic control of the swing phase. A special 2nd mode makes it possible to adjust the Microprocessor Knee MPK to special activities like inline skating, bicycle riding, etc. An integrated yielding function helps users achieve a nearly physiological gait pattern.


Microprocessor Knee MPK with Wireless Remote Control represents another innovation providing mobility and independence. The remote control allows the user to quickly, easily, and inconspicuously switch from 1st mode to 2nd mode (e.g. for bicycling, inline-skating, ice-skating, etc.). For additional stability and safety a standing mode can also be activated. Regardless of dynamic alignment, this standing mode stabilizes the Microprocessor Knee MPK at any flexion angle, eliminating the need for the wearer to use muscular strength to ensure stability. Another new feature is the individual adjustment of swing phase control. To meet the wishes of the Microprocessor Knee MPK users and ensure uncompromising safety, the new Microprocessor Knee MPK is easily adjusted by remote control. This provides Microprocessor Knee MPK users with even more independence in everyday life and at work.


The new Microprocessor Knee MPK is suited for knee-disarticulation, above-knee, hip-disarticulation and hemipelvectomy amputees in Mobility Grade 3 and 4 according to the Otto Bock MOBIS® Mobility System. It is designed for amputees having a maximum body weight of 125 kg (275 lbs). A list of indications will assist you in the selection of the appropriate Microprocessor Knee MPK system.