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Partial Feet Prostheses


The Partial Foot Prosthesis is designed to restore normal foot biomechanics and properly transfer energy to aid in efficient and stable ambulation. The Partial Foot Prosthesis should be lightweight, durable, and is usually custom made from an impression taken of the limb. There are several levels of Partial Foot Prostheses used to treat the various levels of amputation. Partial Foot Prostheses range from the amputation of one or more toes to transmetatarsal and sometimes higher.


Toe and ray prostheses generally consist of a foam shoe filler, which serves to protect the amputation site and keep the residual foot stable within the shoe while distributing the forces of ambulation over the remaining limb as evenly as possible.


Transmetatarsal and higher partial foot prostheses may include a molded foam type filler with a shoe or a silicone molded prosthesis with a dynamic response toe plate depending on the patient’s activity level. The toe plate can be helpful in aiding with push off.

There are many variations and considerations when choosing the appropriate Partial Foot Prosthesis. It is our goal to work with our patients in order to understand their needs and thereby recommend a Partial Foot Prosthesis that is as functional, as it is beneficial.

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